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Product Details

  • EASYPRESS- Electronic pump controllers

  • Pedrollo

  • 0.75 - 2 HP

  • Domestic, Civil, Agricultural, Industrial

  • Clean Water



The EASYPRESS series consists of electronic devices designed to start (when a tap is turned on) and stop (when a tap is turned off) single-phase pumps.

The microprocessor protects the pump from dangerous working conditions, such as dry running, and allows the pump to be restarted either automatically or manually. It also prevents the pump from starting-up too often when small leaks are present within an installation.


1. Max flow rate: 200 Ltr/min (12 m³/h)
2. Working pressure: 10 bar
3. Start-up pressure: 1.5 bar


1. Maximum liquid temperature +65 °C
2. Ambient temperature up to +40 °C
3. Burst pressure > 40 bar
4. Protection: IP 65
5. VOLTAGE: 230 V – Frequency: 50/60 Hz
6. Max current: -10 A EASYPRESS I and -16 A EASYPRESS II

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