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Product Details

  • 4SR- 4” submersible pumps

  • Pedrollo

  • 3 - 10 HP

  • Domestic, Civil, Industrial

  • Clean water with sand max 150 g/m³



Suitable for use with clean water with a sand content of no more than 150 g/m³. As a result of their high efficiency and reliability, they are suitable for use in domestic, civil and industrial applications such as for the distribution of water in combination with pressure sets, for irrigation, for washing plants and for pressure boosting in fire-fighting sets, etc.


1. Flow rate up to 375 Ltr/min (22.5 m³/h)
2. Head up to 405 m


1. Maximum liquid temperature +35 °C
2. Maximum sand content 150 g/m³
3. 100m immersion limit
4. Installation:
    - Vertical
    - Horizontal, with the following limits:
       4SR2, 4SR4 up to 27 stages
       4SR6, 4SR8, 4SR12, 4SR15 up to 17 stages
5. Starts/hour: 20 at regular intervals
6. Minimum flow rate for motor cooling 8cm/s
7. Continuous service S1

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