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PEDROLLO BAC Mountain Bike Challenge 2015 at HALDA VALLEY

Pedrollo Mountain Bike Challenge is the first tea trail of its kind in Bangladesh which aims to create awareness on importance and significance of Water, Soils and Tea garden among the key stakeholders e.g. tea growers, tea traders, tea workers, tea based businesses forum and local ethnic tea community. The purpose of Pedrollo Mountain Bike Challenge is to focus the health conscious Bangladeshi people to Chittagong as the origin of high quality clone tea while providing opportunities for tea tourism as part of the country’s agro tourism initiative. Halda Valley Tea Estate is the model “A” category tea estate in Bangladesh. In 2010, the garden was awarded the first prize in plantation by the Government of Bangladesh.

Pedrollo Mountain Bike Challenge at Halda Valley Tea Garden organized by Bangladesh Adventure Club is scheduled to take place from April 10-11, 2015 on occasion of Pedrollo pump serving 30 years in Bangladesh also celebrating World Water Day and International Year of Soils.Pedrollo Mountain Bike race is a personal challenge to complete a 30km tea trail mountain bike race at Halda Valley Tea Garden in Chittagong.

Run for Water ( Tea Trail Trekking) will involve a 21 kilometre half marathon trail run for men and a 10 kilometre race for women.

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